Check In

Check in each time you visit a bathroom. The user who has checked in the most times at a bathroom is The King.

Earn Trophies

Users can earn up to 14 trophies by checking in to different location categories, becoming The King of mulitple bathrooms and many more ways.

Add Friends

Add friends to see their stats, keep track of activities and compete for the Kingship of your favorite locations.

Your last shred of privacy just became social

Introducing the mobile app that takes pooping to a whole new level.

Check In

Check in each time you visit a bathroom to increase your chances of becoming The King.

Add Bathrooms

Be sure to add a new bathroom if you're the first iPoop user to visit that location.

Places I've Pooped

iPoop keeps a list of all locations that you've pooped at and can display them on a map.


Receive an alert each time a friend checks in or earns a new trophy.

  • With iPoop, I feel like I'm truly working towards something each and every day.
    Dean Brenlo
  • I never thought I'd need to make a note of every time I went to the bathroom. Then I found iPoop.
    John Hall
  • Now that I have iPoop, I look forward to pooping every day!
    Judy Miller



iPoop will never sell your information to any third party. Any contact information collected is for login purposes only.